Level Seven Facilites Services

Why Choose Level Seven?

Level Seven was founded on the conviction that the key to success in any business is a single-minded focus on customer satisfaction. Provide outstanding service, we believe, and satisfied customers will build a reputation for your company that helps it grow.

Our focus on service is more than an idea: it is embedded in our operations. Our proactive management systems, for example, are designed to anticipate and solve problems before they arise.

As important as processes are, the most important component of any business’ success is the people. From our lighting technicians, to our floor refinishing crews, to our janitorial staff, to our glass specialists—every person that works with us takes personal pride in the work they do. That’s the quality we’re looking for in our hiring process, and is the foundation of the culture that we foster every day.

As Level Seven has grown, we’ve brought on invaluable key players who share our ideals and want to keep them thriving. They help ensure that we never outgrow our highest priority: consistent, exceptional service.

Our core business is commercial cleaning, but we also pride ourselves on our capacity to cover a wide variety of commercial facilities services, bringing the same focus to every service we perform. Our customer base includes office properties, industrial, retail, film production sets, multifamily properties, churches, schools, and more.

For more about ways that Level Seven may be a valuable resource for you, please look around our website for details on the various services we provide. We look forward to serving you!

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