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Our COVID-19 response team is ready to sanitize your space. 

  • Our Disinfection Misting Service infuses every corner and crevice. The mist is non-toxic and completely safe. It has been used in hospitals for almost a century.
  • Our Surface Disinfection Service applies liquid disinfectant to hot zones throughout your space.
  • Our response team is trained in CDC-approved techniques. Members are monitored and wear masks, gloves and other protective gear.


Watch this short video to see how thorough—and safe—our misting application is.

As the video demonstrates, the sanitizing mist is utterly safe. It is actually used by the food industry to keep produce healthy, and by water treatment plants to make drinking water safe.

The mist has been used to disinfect hospitals for almost a century. The compound is 100 times more effective than chlorine bleach at killing pathogens.

Properly applied, our mist kills microbes throughout your space. Our team is trained to spray the mist for maximum coverage, even into corners and crevices.


Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is the same substance your immune system uses to fight infection. Its acidity is like that of a mild citrus juice—and yet it is 100 times more effective against bacteria, fungus and viruses than bleach-based disinfectants. The mist is made by passing an electric current through a solution of water, salt and a mild acid. While the mist kills microorganisms on contact, it is completely safe for humans. For more information about hypochlorous disinfectant, read our fact sheet here.

We provide disinfection notices for display. After our treatment, you’ll have flyers and small signs to place wherever needed, to reassure customers and tenants that your space has been sanitized.


Deep cleaning provides added reassurance. While our team gets disinfecting mist into every corner of your space, they can take the process a step further with a full surface disinfection.

We wipe down every surface with disinfectant to remove grime, dust and organic matter. Our team is trained to disinfect and protect surfaces and equipment.

You’ll see—and smell—the difference. This added level of cleaning leaves your space looking clean and smelling sterile. Employees and customers will notice.


These are the surfaces we mark for disinfection—the ones commonly touched by hands.

  • Desktops
  • Counter surfaces
  • Computer keyboards and mice
  • Staplers
  • Printers and copiers
  • Phone handsets and keypads
  • Doorknobs
  • Bolt locks
  • Faucet handles
  • Light and lamp switches
  • Drawer/cabinet pulls
  • Handrails
  • All break room surfaces from ceiling to floor
  • All bathroom surfaces from ceiling to floor
  • Elevator buttons
  • Window blind rods and pulls
  • HVAC thermostats


Disinfection reassures tenants. We are fighting not just the virus but the fear and confusion that naturally arises in uncertain situations. Showing your tenants that you are taking active measures helps restore their confidence.

Property managers in Atlanta and Tampa are calling us in. They know our team is thoroughly trained. We employ the best methods—and the safest—to deal effectively with this special challenge.

CLICK BELOW or call 770-771-0477 today.

A representative will visit your office at a convenient time and help devise your customized cleaning plan.