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Our coronavirus response team is ready to give your space a disinfectant cleaning. 

COVID-19 can stay viable for days. Visibly dirty surfaces provide this respiratory virus an environment in which it lingers. Thorough disinfection is the best countervailing practice.

We follow CDC guidelines. Epidemiologists have devised procedures for minimizing contagion—including social distancing, frequent hand-washing, and thorough disinfection of dirty surfaces.

We identify surfaces and thoroughly disinfect. Certain surfaces are the ones most likely to harbor the virus.


These are the surfaces we mark for disinfection—the ones commonly touched by hands.

Counter surfaces
Computer keyboards and mice
Printers and copiers
Phone handsets and keypads
Bolt locks
Faucet handles
Light and lamp switches
Drawer/cabinet pulls
All break room surfaces from ceiling to floor
All bathroom surfaces from ceiling to floor
Elevator buttons
Window blind rods and pulls
HVAC thermostats


Thoroughly remove dust and grime from surfaces
Apply hospital-grade disinfectant
Allow prescribed time to elapse for maximum effectiveness (10 minutes or more)
Wipe clean, dispose of wipes following guidelines


Disinfection reassures tenants. We are fighting not just the virus but the fear and confusion that naturally arises in uncertain situations. Showing your tenants that you are taking active measures helps restore their confidence.


Many Atlanta-area property managers have sought our help. We are expert in the special techniques recommended by health authorities.