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Members of our senior staff and their families ringing bells for the Salvation Army

Putting our bell skills to work—to help those in need.

We love our hometown of Atlanta—and we don’t take it for granted. One of the reasons it’s so great is that the people who live here give their time and effort in a thousand ways.

We want to be part of that. And this holiday season, we decided to help out an organization that has been aiding the underprivileged in Atlanta for a long time—the Salvation Army.

You’ve seen folks ringing bells in public areas such as shopping centers? This holiday season, many of those people were also Level Seven people. Eight of our employees enlisted friends and family members to contribute their time to ringing bells and racking up donations to help those in need.

Our dedicated team started at 10 am on December 14 and didn’t stop shaking those bells until 8 that night. Many rings rang out, and many donations came in.

Level Seven also sponsored a family who was staying at one of the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Shelters. We made sure the three kids got toys for Christmas, and everybody got new clothes.

We’ll be doing this again next Christmas, too—because the need will still be there. We encourage anybody who’d like to help out to check the website links below, to learn more about the Salvation Army’s program and how to get individuals and companies involved.



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